Registration Information

Fall Classes Registration Information

  • Registration for returning students - starts at midnight June 20, 2017 HERE!
  • New student sign up is next Wednesday, June 28, 2017 HERE!
  • • Class fees are due at time of registration.
  • • A $25 Fall registration fee will be charged per dancer, not to exceed $50 per family. This fee is non-refundable.
  • • Family discounts and multi-class discounts are available.

  • If you need help figuring out which class are best for your child, please email our Assistant Director Mariana. Tuition will be charged upon studio approval of your registration. If you have questions about tuition you can email our Office Manager Anna!

    2017-2018 Move Out Loud Handbook will be posted soon!

    Summer Camps Registration Information

  • • Camp fees are due at time of registration.
  • • 4 day camp fee is $225/camp. Pre-school camps are $75/camp.
  • • A $25 summer registration fee will be charged per dancer, not to exceed $50 per family. This fee is non-refundable.
  • • Family discounts and multi-class discounts do not apply to summer camps.
  • Full summer camp info and policies can be viewed HERE in the 2017 Summer Handbook!

    Click here to see Move Out Loud Summer Camps Handbook 2017

    Our class schedule, calendar and policies can be found in our 2016-2017 Move Out Loud Studio Handbook.

    Directions for registering CURRENT STUDENTS through Jackrabbit, our online system:

    1) Click here to access the Move Out Loud client portal.
    2) Enter the email and password you've chosen for your account.
    3) At the top of the screen, choose "Enroll in a class" from the pull down menu that says "I want to:"
    4) Click "OK" in the box that says "Please choose one of the fields to begin viewing available classes"
    5) Choose "2016-2017" from the "Session" pull down menu.
    6) Choose the class that you are registering for, and click "Enroll" in the pop up box.
    7) Please note your payment preference (annual, semester or monthly) in the comments box.

    Directions for registering NEW STUDENTS through Jackrabbit, our online system:

    1) Click here: View our Class Listings. A new page will open containing registration table.
    2) Choose your first class from the list by clicking "Register" next to the class.
    3) Enter your contact information.
    4) Enter your student's information. The first class you chose will already be selected. To add additional classes, click "Search" on the next available class line.
    5) For additional students, click the "+" under "Student #2 Information" and add your desired classes and so on.
    6) Please thoroughly read the listed studio policies and releases. You must check that you have read and agree and sign your name as confirmation.
    7) Please choose your desired payment schedule to indicate how often you are charged for classes. If you choose monthly payments, the first and last month's payments will be charged with registration, along with your registration fee.. 9 equal payments will be automatically withdrawn from your account on the 1st of each month. By choosing semester payments, you will be charged two equal payments of half your total tuition, one payment upon registering (along with registration fee) and one payment on February 1, 2017. Annual payments will be charged upon registration. There is a 3% discount for annual payments, and a 5% discount for annual payments made by check or cash. Your enrollment in classes will be finalized once payment is received.
    8) Please enter your payment info.
    9) Please verify all of your information and then click "Submit Registration".
    10) Click the "Click to go our Portal" link.
    11) Click the "I don't have or don't know my password" link.
    12) Enter your email address and click "continue". You will receive a temporary password from
    13) Click "Back". Please use your email and temporary password to login. Please change your password.
    14) Enjoy the ease and convenience of accessing your Move Out Loud account via web at anytime!

    It's going to be a great year!