To display honesty, courtesy and respect at all times, and be willing to be held accountable for your behavior and actions.


To recognize and conduct yourself as a role model at all times, to be open to others’ ideas and opinions, to support and encourage each other, and to represent your studio and your team well in all areas of life.


To adhere to all Move Out Loud team policies, comply with requests of faculty, come to class prepared with materials and information, and to show exceptional work ethic in and outside of class.



Payment Types

Dance team families are asked to pay for their tuition, team fees, convention, competition and coaches’ fees by check or cash.

Any tuition/fee payments made with a credit/debit card or via the online portal (including online bank withdrawals) will incur an additional 3% processing fee. If you’d like to pay via credit card or portal, please contact us instead of processing your own payment in the portal.

Payment Schedules

Full Payment: One payment check or cash for the full tuition/fees amount. Full payments are eligible for a 5% discount on tuition.

Monthly Payment: Please submit all checks for the session by the first due date, post-dated for each month. For the 2020-2021 season, the first session and set of payments is September – December. The second session and set of checks will be January – June.

Paying for Costumes & Merchandise

Costumes and merchandise can be paid with credit card, portal payment, check or cash.

Please pay for merchandise in the online or studio stores at the time of purchase, or for pre-ordered items, when you place your order.

Team Class Tuition
  • Team class tuition is based on the number of team hours per week each dancer trains. Please see the team tuition and fees page HERE.
  • Rec class tuition is per class, as listed HERE.
  • Additional routines added as the season progresses may incur additional fees.
Team Fees
  • Dancers are charged a $25 per month “team fee” per dance to help cover the additional administrative time and extra costs associated with maintaining the excellence and creativity of our dance team.
  • Team fees are in addition to your monthly class tuition and are due for each month of the competition season regardless of participation or hours of rehearsal over the term.
  • Team fees are subject to late charges. There are no refunds, transfers or credits.
Costume Fees
  • All team members are responsible for the cost of costumes.
  • Team costumes can range between $100- $200 per costume, plus shoes, make up and accessories.
  • This season, costumes fees will be communicated/charged to online accounts as they are ordered.
  • Some costumes this season may also be a “bring/design your own” format. 
Team Apparel Fees

All team members must own:

  • A team jacket ($140 for Lulu sizes, ~$65 for girls sizes and $85 for boys/men). Returning team members only order if you need a size up.
  • A dance bag ($40). Same as last year, so returning members don’t need to purchase!
  • Team shoes (undecided at this point). 
Competition Fees
  • We are still compiling our list of virtual competition options, and are uncertain if we’ll do any in-person competitions this year.
  • Competition fees are per dancer, per routine. Group routines are typically a different amount than solos, duets and trios.
  • A $5/dancer/routine Coaches’ Fee will be added to your competition fees to help cover the cost of staffing our competitions.
  • Families are responsible for all costs related to competition transportation, lodging, meals, photographs, videos, etc.
Convention Fees
  • We’ll be holding off on in-person conventions for the duration of 2020.
  • If in-person conventions seem like a safe and good idea in spring, we’ll consider the options for attending.
  • Convention Fees are typically a flat amount per dancer per weekend. From time to time, different age groups are different amounts.
  • Families are responsible for all costs related to convention transportation, lodging, meals, etc.
Late Fees
  • All late payments will result in a $25 late fee in addition to any insufficient funds fees.
  • Late payments can affect a dancer’s participation in workshops, conventions or competitions.
  • Move Out Loud reserves the right to apply payments to the oldest or most outstanding charges before present or future charges, or outside vendors.
Non-Participation Fees
  • Any dancers making changes/drops to teams after team placements are assigned will incur the following fees per routine: $50 in September, $100 in October, $150 in November and $200 in December or after.
  • Any dancer missing a competition, for any reason, will be charged a $200 non-participation fee per dance. If an understudy is used, the original member of the group pays the understudy’s competition registration fee.

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