This is a time like no other in our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it uncertainty, stress, and immense change in our communities.
It seems like the landscape of our world and plans for the future have been changing almost daily since March.

Throughout it all, we’ve worked diligently to remain the loving and energetic community we’ve always been, and one your kids can count on for belonging and support. We are committed to continuing that work, and to reinventing ourselves – or shall we say “pivoting”- 😉 to make the most of the world we are living in and to sustain the high level of instruction and services we provide our dancers and their families

We feel that we are doing some of the most important work of our careers right now – bringing a sense of community and normalcy to the families we serve.
We are so grateful for your trust and support. We truly are in this together.

in-person classes

We’re committed to providing a safe place for our students to dance.

We will be limiting class sizes to 10 students.
Our classrooms and common areas have been set up with markers for physical distancing.
Our premises is cleaned thoroughly and routinely, with EPA approved cleaning agents.
Hand sanitizer stations are set up for use upon entering and exiting.
Our HVAC bipolar ionization systems keep the air circulating through our building squeaky clean.
Super small classes with staggered start times will provide lots of space for coming/going and dancing.

“I wanted to write and express how happy and impressed I was with your plan for the coming season. It should be an example for people in positions like yours of how to address a difficult situation in an intelligent, thoughtful, and caring way.  You managed to think of ways to make the upcoming season feel motivating and worthwhile even without so much we usually anticipate and are accustomed to.

It reminds me once again why we’re so pleased with Move Out Loud and with you.”

“Your relentless work, deep navigation, tough smart decisions in this crazy situation and grit is palpable. I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing to make this work. When I think back at the last months and no doubt in the future when I look back at 2020, your hard work to pivot, pivot, pivot and do what it takes to stay in the game — has been and will have been the single most important part of my kids mental and physical health. Priceless.” 

Virtual Learning

In order to provide our students the most valuable virtual experience:

Classes with virtual options will have additional instructors to make sure all students are feeling included & challenged.

We’ve amped our in-studio tech gear to include microphones for instructors, multiple camera angles for online learners, and large monitors to allow instructors to see online leaners better.


please email us for virtual class options!

dress code

Wearing appropriate dance attire allows instructors to observe and critique body alignment and positioning

Click a style to view the dress code!

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