“Congratulations on a show well run!! It was clear how much energy and passion you’ve put into working with these kids all year. There were a lot of parents with hearts bursting from their chests today – me included! I’m not a weepy person, so the lump in my throat watching my daughter dance really took me by surprise. Congratulations, again, on pulling off a great show!!”

“Just wanted you to know how amazing of a teacher you are. We have been to another big dance studio in town for a few classes with multiple teachers and you are hands above the rest. You are warmer, more friendly, more enthusiastic and have better tricks to help the kids relate to what they are learning. In every way, hands above. So, just wanted you to know what an irrefutably fantastic job you are doing. Thanks so much.”

“My son and daughter have been dancing with Move Out Loud for 5 years, after participating in preschool yoga classes that were taught by the owner, Stephanie Sutton. Miss Stephanie has a gift for connecting with kids – providing a positive role model and good work ethic, in addition to learning how to dance. My daughter sees Miss Stephanie as a strong, confident woman who is also kind, generous, and loving…all character traits I would like my daughter to possess. I appreciate that Move Out Loud isn’t just about learning to dance, it is about how to be a good person…who can dance. “

“Congratulations on a wonderful and successful show today! It went so beautifully – the kids did great, and everything was so smooth and organized. Kudos to you on another GREAT job this year!! We can’t thank you enough. We are indeed very very proud of our daughter – You, too, should be incredibly proud of yourself for all you do teaching the kids so well and running such a successful and well-loved studio. Thanks so much for everything! You are truly awesome!”

“THANK YOU so much for a wonderful hip hop party. Your love for dance was so evident in all that you did with Max and his family of friends. He enjoyed the party so much. When we were leaving, he said ‘that was the best party ever’! I loved the way you always kept the kids moving and involved, at their own level! The accommodations were great! Thanks again for everything!”

“Wow! What an amazing recital and an amazing year. I am constantly amazed at the amount of talent you are all able to uncover in these students, the brilliant choreography, and the confidence you all give these kids.”