Experience hip hop at mol

Pre-School Hip Hop

This high energy class is designed to create a fun introduction to movement, coordination, rhythm and dance. Popular music and fun movement activities & dances will help your child develop confidence, explore the joy of movement, and inspire a love for dance. Ages 3-5.

School Age Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes are perfect for high energy kids who like music with a good beat and love to move! We will explore rhythm and musicality, as well as develop coordination, balance and strength through a variety of movements and patterns across the floor and in center floor choreography.

A variety of hip hop techniques will be introduced, including popping, waving, gliding, footwork, intro breaking and old school and new school social dances.We will also focus on confidence, creative freestyle and teamwork. Students are encouraged to develop their own sense of style, while dancing to their favorite (age appropriate) hip hop music! 60 minutes. Placement will be determined by director.