Experience ballet at mol

Pre School Ballet

Our pre-dance classes provide an imaginative, magical and loving introduction to ballet. Movement, musicality, rhythm and body awareness are developed through basic dance techniques and exploratory and creative movement. Fun and colorful props are used to develop coordination, confidence, and explore the wonders of movement, making your child’s introduction to dance exciting and fun. Ages 3-5. 45 – 60 minutes.

Ballet 1 & 2

Ballet is a theatrical art form using dance in which fixed poses and steps are combined with light, flowing movement to convey a story, and is the foundation of most forms of artistic dance. Traditional ballet postures, techniques and movements are developed, as well as ballet class etiquette, terminology, and stories of famous ballets. Storytelling is used to make the foundations of ballet meaningful and magical for children. Each ballet 1 and 2 class will perform one piece in the spring performance. 45 minutes – 60 minutes. Ages 5 – 8. Placement will be determined by director.

Ballet 3, 4, 5, 6

These technique classes are recommended/required for students taking jazz, lyrical or contemporary class, or for dancers interested in developing their overall dance technique. The class consists of barre, adagio, allegro and reverence, and focuses on proper body alignment and position, fluid transition between position of arms, legs, and feet, and timing and attention to technical detail that will enhance the student’s success as an accomplished performer. Ballet 4, 5 and 6 are technique only and do not have a performance piece. 60 – 90 minutes. Ages 8+. Placement will be determined by director.

Pre Pointe

The curriculum for pre-pointe is designed to set up dancers for success en pointe. This class emphasizes strengthening and alignment exercises for the legs and feet.

Pre-pointe may also be recommended for a dancer who is physically unable to undertake the rigors of pointe work, but can benefit from the exercises offered and would enjoy learning about the process of dancing on pointe. Dancers remain in pre-pointe until they are formally advanced by the instructor to study on pointe. Director approval required for participation. 30 minutes. Ages 12+.


Pointe is the part of classical ballet technique in which a dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet while wearing structural reinforced pointe shoes. In order to be able to dance en pointe, a dancer must have had time to achieve the form, strength, and alignment needed to make a successful transition into pointe work, and must possess the emotional maturity necessary for the hard work and commitment that pointe entails. 30 minutes. Ages 12+. Director approval required for participation.