You’ll arrive in the morning, pick up your wristband from the Move Out Loud person who is checking people in, then you’ll go to your assigned dance room, find a spot for your bag on the side of the room under the chairs, and get ready for class. Some conventions will have a number you’ll pin to your outfit for audition/scholarship purposes.

There are usually a few classes in the morning, then a quick lunch (there are usually a few food options in the hotel but most people grab lunch from places nearby) then a few more classes in the afternoon. Class is usually finished around 5pm, and you’ll be free to hang out with friends if you are staying overnight.

Most conventions are 2 days! The second day typically finishes earlier than the first day. Sometimes there’s a little showcase at the end of the convention!


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Competitions are where our team gets to shine! Dancers should arrive at their call time ready to go! Once all there, the team will warm up together and may play a few games to get focused. They will run their dance a few times to prepare and then head backstage as a team with an MOL staff member. No dancers should be backstage prior to their performance time without an MOL staff person.

There are multiple sections of competition dances throughout the day and sometimes even multiple stages/rooms. Once a section is over, the scores are added up and they will hold an awards ceremony. Each routine will receive with score or placement and then they will usually announce a top 10 (or less if there are less in the category) and overall winners. The categories, awards and levels differ for each competition and sometimes there are special judges awards. Dancers should stay through their awards and stay onstage to get a photo group afterward. We love it when dancers come to support others!

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