* No gum. No jewelry (little earrings are ok:)
* NO talking! This applies to on the dance floor and on the sides.
* Be smart about where you stand in class.
Don’t stand in the front if you don’t know what you are doing. Don’t hide in the back if you DO know what you are doing. If you don’t have enough room, move to the side. If you can’t see, stand somewhere else!
* Absolutely NO sitting out in the rooms.
If you NEED to take a break, leave the area. I don’t want to see kids sitting on the floor or shopping during classes. If the schedule for your room offers a style of dance that you don’t know how to do, go to another room and take class there. You might see other kids sitting out – that doesn’t mean it’s ok for Move Out Loud kids. We are not lazy! We are hard workers, open to new experiences, teachers, and dances! Let’s set a good example for everyone, and show how awesome we are.
* Don’t leave class to get a drink.
Get one when the instructor says it’s time. If you are in a “watch” group, and near your water, it’s ok to get a quick drink. Take drinks between classes!
* If you really have to use the bathroom, just go.
No need to ask the instructor. Go fast and come right back! Try to use the bathroom during the breaks between classes!
* The teachers will teach very quickly, so be alert and pay close attention! 

*Remember to move quickly on and off of the dance floor.
The less time we spend in transition, the more time we spend dancing!!!
* No sitting down.
* No talking.
* No doing cartwheels, handstands, turning, tricks etc. on the side.
It is both dangerous and disrespectful.
* Watch the dancers dancing!
Remember, we can learn a lot by watching! You will be inspired by the dancers you see!

* Be supportive and cheer for other dancers.
Dancers are like one big family! We all need to support each other!
* Show your personality when you dance!
Even if you mess up (which everyone will, even the best dancer there!) keep that personality shining through!
* Have fun, and remember that we are there to learn new things and be inspired!
We are not there to be perfect or to be judged, so don’t worry, just dance! 🙂
* Look out for your teammates.
Remember, we are ALL the Move Out Loud team. We take care of each other! If you see a teammate struggling with a step, help them! If you see they don’t have enough room, move over! If you see they can’t see over you, switch spots with them! If you see they need encouragement, give them some kind words! Let’s act like a family! 🙂

* Don’t be noisy, run around, do cartwheels, etc.
* Be nice to your parents!
No sassing or whining! They were very generous and nice to bring you here, so please show them you appreciate it!

* If you are observing in a class, PLEASE DO NOT TALK!
The instructors get very angry when parents talk, because it makes it harder for the kids to focus on the class.
*Please plan ahead for food.
Expect food that you buy on site to be somewhat pricey and yucky. Break times will be busy at food places near the convention. You may want to consider bringing in something for lunch.

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